IOSManager Business Management System

Product Description

IOSManager is powerful business management system,
Your company employee can easily use this system management your companyˇ¦s
Purchase dept, Sales dept, Warehouse dept, Finances dept,
Retail Shop(POS) - VIP(Discount card / Pre-paid card),
and B2B Electronic Global transaction.

The IOSManager has support more Language UI Screen and Report Print. Multi-Language
English, Simplified Chinese / Tradchin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai. all for your windows OS.

Integration all different companies around the world (Powerful B2B Solution)

The following is Base system module [Purchase, Sales, Stock]

Purchase Management System :

1. Request For Quotation Process
Purchasing Order Process
3. Purchasing Receiving And Inspecting Process
Receiving Returns And Allowance Process

Sales Management System :
1. Order Request Process
2. Sales Order
3. Order Shipping
4. Sales Returning And Allowance Process
5. Warranty List

Stock Management System :
1. Product Issue Process
2. Product Receive Process
3. Product transfer to any warehouse Process
4. Take Stock and Adjustment Process

Base System Module Include Report
Question For Purchase Report, Apply For Purchase Report, Purchase Order Report,
Purchase Receive Report, Purchasing Receiving And Inspecting Certificate,
Order Request Report, Sales Order Report, Order Shipping Report,
Sales Returning And Allowance Certificate, Warranty List, Product Issue Items Report,
Product Receive Items Report, Product Transfer Report, Take Stock List,
Take Stock Details, Take Stock Difference Statistical Report, Period Adjustment Warehouse Report
Below Product Safe Quantity, Already Purchased But Not Receiving Report,
Inventory Cost Value Analysis Report, Ordered Waiting Shipment Report, Customer Envelop Label ,
Supply Envelop Label, Customer Address Book, Supply Address Book, Employee Address Book,
Product Bar Code ..... .

The system and database all install in your computer, Maximum data capacity limit 2GByte
Not web-homepage mode and therefore No off-line inconvenient !
But need on-line to register (When licence of rent to expire).

Download and double click IOSManager.exe to Installs in yours computer, Installs so easily !

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Uses the software product to eMail EDM for your VIP member

IOSManager advanced system module :

Account Reeivable/Payment, POS Retail Sales, VIP(Discount card / Pre-paid card), Internet B2B, Invoice-Tax,
Accounting, Check commerce bill, System Modules.

Internet B2B Module support in world any area, you can with any customer or supply to purchase or sales process.
Rent to extends system module does not need update or download, Directly enabled the extends license .
choose at will, Buys how many with how many, How long wants to use to rent how long ~ Good idea help save your money!

System Requirements

PC: Minimum - CPU: Pentium-4 1.5GHz lowest limited, RAM: 1GB, HDD:5GB (Free Space), 1024x768 or wide screen.
OS: Win XP/2000/2003/Vista32, OfficeXP/2003, Need connect Internet to Register.

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