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 WebFramework for Delphi-7 Demo Version
 N-Tier Browser (IE/Netscape) Enterprise developer 
 Framework. A revolutionary new way to create your 
 Enterprise Web Applications of Web-based as quickly 
 and easily as your Delphi applications using
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IOSManager - Business Management System - B2B Supply Chain Solution
 The IOSManager is Purchase / sells goods and Stock commercial management system,
 Support sole store, chain store, B2B Electronic Order System, any country transaction.
 Multi-language for Windows-OS Execution environment .
 It is powerful commercial integrated system software.
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IOSManager - Total Business Integration Solution

 The IOSManager can integration your business front sales side and back management side,
 Otherwise can integration global IOSManager user Company (Supply and Customer).
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IOSManager - Business Solution Detail All In This

 IOSManager support the best business management of completely modules,
 Construction design the system for extend modules support,
 Compliance with your modules demand to chooses. Saving your money,
 Cost down for your Enterprise, That is best business software.