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1. Chooses your business system demand - Fetch the registration code
30 day for trial. (You may use this way for evaluation basis to purchase) [Free Trial]
2. Orders system modules which your chooses (submit your information then response the
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3. Give you Shopping Cart (Payment method: Credit Card), Add your need system modules
and calculate total amount to pay (Payment Solution for PayPal) [Buy Type#2]

Please choose the module which wants to register.


On Special USD $

.Modules :

Base Business Modules (Purchase, Sales, Stock) Module $070
. Account Receivable, Account Payment (AR/AP) Module $035
. Commercial Bill (Payment/Receivable by check) Module $035
. General Ledger (Accounting, Fixed Assets) Module $070
. Accounting Title Language (Traditional + English) +1Language $035
. Uniform Invoice (Taiwan taxation) Module $035
. Post-Sale Repairs RMA Module $035
. POS (Retail shop - Scan bar-code to sale) Module $070
. VIP (Discount card / Pre-paid card) XEDM Gifts Module $035
. Globalization Internet B2B (Supplies chain) Company $070

Whether needs the Network multi-user database access for work

. Network License (Database Sharing) . .


  CAL (Client Access License) What is CAL +1CAL $035

Multi-Language dictionary support

Dictionary :.   (Your windows system language) Default Free
. Additional include [Chinese Simplified] +1Language $035
. Additional include [Chinese Traditional] +1Language $035
. Additional include [Japanese] +1Language $035
. Additional include [English] +1Language $035
. Additional include [Korean] +1Language $035
. Additional include [Thai] +1Language $035

Other register information (For yours rights and interests, Please enter your eMail address)

* eMail : Receive news to my mailbox
Note :

Registration type

Free Trial : Request free 30-day trial-registration code
.Buy Type #1: Submit check list into purchase order
.Buy Type #2: Buy by Credit Card


 *: Authorize the perpetual user license, Unlimited record, Max 2GB
 *: 12 months/one year  ServicePackDownload  upgrade license Gift
*: DatabaseMaintain tool license, Maintain your database so easy
*: DictionaryManager tool license, Modify Multi-Language text show
*: If buy [VIP] and get [XEDM eMail marketing system] Gift

 *: PDF User Guide (English-Simple+Chinese-Advanced) + License Key

If wants to order or the inquiry, please input the following info for contacts


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License Statement
If does not have agreement, the registration code is forbidden the charge, or request donation.

Our Under reasonable condition, retains the append or change this active the right.

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